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Your journey to on-demand healthcare

Connect with a practitioner today on Kayan Health

Kayan Health's Telemedicine Platform

Communicate through Chat,
Voice & Video Consultations

Patients, want a better way to communicate to your doctor?

Doctors, need a more streamlined way to take care of your patients?

Patients are able to connect with a doctor through a non-real time, private and secure one-to-one chat platform. Users are able to send text messages, images, voice notes and videos all while ensuring communication is absolutely secure and private.

Ask questions, discuss health, and reach out for general information. A doctor will read the messages and respond with feedback, follow-up questions, and any advice for patients to follow. With non-real time messaging, no scheduling is required, and you can follow-up on your own time.


Our services

Unsure where to start? Our platform offers multiple ways to connect with a practitioner.

Ask a question

Have a question you need answered? Whether it's specific, general, or just curious - all are accepted! Send your health related questions through our secure platform and receive specific advice from your doctor.


Need more details? Chat with a doctor on a private, secure, one-to-one platform. Send texts, images, voice notes and videos. Messages can be sent any time through the mobile app. Doesn’t require scheduling and you can choose when you respond to the doctor.

Video/Voice Consultation

Want an appointment? Schedule voice/video appointments with a doctor. The appointment will be added to your calendar. Be notified before the call and answer on a private and secure platform right within the Kayan app.


Streamline communication between you and the doctor. Patients are able to connect with a doctor through Q&A and real time communication wherever they are on a private and secure platform.

Chat Engine

Private and secure chat engine that provides end-to-end encrypted text, voice, video, document and picture messages. Chats can be sent at any time through the mobile app.

Patient Profile

A holistic patient profile with full communication history and health records. Don't just focus on one aspect, take a deeper look at the whole picture.

Continuous Care

An artificially intelligent platform that is continuously learning about the patient's health and proactively monitors them pulling their information into the patient profile.