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Mitigate Health Risks

Mitigate Health Risks with Remote Monitoring

For practitioners, remote patient monitoring (RPM) benefits are clear: accessibility to their patients, full-spectrum care, lower costs, and more. But what about the patients? As (RPM) evolves, telehealth platforms must ensure the safe and effective use of remote monitoring devices. 

Most people think of “remote devices” as pacemakers and other medical-grade devices. While this is correct, other consumer wearable devices like the Fitbit and Apple Watch can also provide vital patient information. According to the FDA, an RPM device is any noninvasive remote monitoring device that measures or detects common physiological parameters. It can also be a non-invasive monitoring device that wirelessly transmits patient information to their health care provider or other monitoring entity. Practitioners can use this information to help mitigate health risks. 

Kayan Health’s platform is capable of integrating with both medical grade and consumer wearable devices. This integration provides many benefits for RPM, including better healthcare access, improved quality of care, assurance, and improved support.

Better Access to Healthcare

Telehealth platforms like Kayan Health give the patient control of their health. Patients work remotely with doctors to mitigate their health risks and voice their concerns. Because this can be done remotely, there is no longer the inconvenience of making ample time, finding a ride to a facility, and coming into the doctor’s office only to sit quietly in the waiting room. Patients can connect with their practitioners without being in the same room, city, or state.

Improved Care

RPM offers improved care by creating a system that enables patients to be more engaged with their health. Practitioners can perform routine tests and assess the results in real-time. From there, they can change the patient’s regimen and make recommendations as needed.

Effective RPM programs offer technology that — far from being the cold, clinical, intimidating medical technology that springs to mind for many consumers — is actually comfortable and familiar to patients (Care Innovations).


Remote monitoring also gives assurance to patients who may be concerned about their health. As Care Innovations Chief Clinical Officer Julie Cherry (RN, MSN) explains, “Think of a cardiac patient who’s been laying in the hospital watching their heartbeat on the monitor for days…it’s a really scary place for a patient to be. So being able to provide that bridge and that connection for the patient [in the home], it’s like the health care team is going home with them.”

Improved Support

Rather than rushing appointments to meet with everyone on schedule for the day, practitioners can now spend more time providing enhanced support. Patients will receive instant feedback through the data on remote devices. Practitioners will also explain the data to patients so that it becomes useful, tangible information.

Great Power Comes with Great Responsibility

Telehealth platforms and remote monitoring come with the liability of data breaches, viruses, malware, and device malfunction. Extreme cautionary measures must be taken when dealing with sensitive information on an intricate system. Kayan Health uses secure, end-to-end encryption to protect data from hackers and malicious viruses. Patients can have confidence that their personal information remains private.

As for remote monitoring devices, it is important for both patients and practitioners to stay current on the latest information for the devices, including manufacturer warnings, device safety, and updates.

Moving Forward

Remote monitoring through a secure platform provides many benefits for patients and practitioners alike. The Kayan Health platform focuses on providing the highest quality care while giving patients a voice. The founders of the platform understand that not all telehealth platforms are created equal. This is why, next to user satisfaction, security is a top priority. As the platform evolves and develops, they provide ongoing communication with users so that they are always informed.

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