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Kayan Health partners with Mind Forward to deliver preventative care and medical support using wearable devices

TORONTO, ON, April 28th, 2021 – Kayan Health Limited (“Kayan Health”) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with Mind Forward Acquired Brain Injury Services Ontario (“Mind Forward”), a non-profit charitable organization that provides community-based rehabilitation and life-long support for adults whose lives have been touched by acquired brain injury.

This partnership between Kayan Health and Mind Forward will help deliver preventative care and medical support to Mind Forward’s clients.

Under the terms of the MoU, Mind Forward’s clients will be provided with wearable devices that will synchronize with Kayan Health’s platform enabling the caregivers to remotely monitor their clients’ vitals, health and wellness. They will also have access to an AI-powered symptom checker to triage their own conditions. The platform can notify caregivers when an abnormal vital is detected or a certain symptom is identified.

In addition, caregivers will be able to connect their clients with a physician through Kayan Health’s private and secure telemedicine platform, ensuring they receive the care they need even when they cannot physically be with a practitioner.

Furthermore, Kayan Health will continuously work with Mind Forward to ensure they are properly on boarded onto the platform assisting their clients with the app and wearable devices. During the pilot program Kayan Health will provide training and ongoing support to ensure the entire experience is functional and seamless.

“Our goal is to enable Mind Forward’s caregivers to help enhance their clients’ quality of life,” said Ahmad Al-Hidiq, CEO and Co-Founder of Kayan Health. “By providing Mind Forward with Kayan Health’s platform, it gives caregivers the ability to closely monitor their clients’ health and provide them on-demand access to physicians whenever they need it. This innovative healthcare technology changes the way caregivers would normally be able to care for their clients.” 

“Mind Forward Brain Injury Services Ontario is a community based program providing rehabilitative services to the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) community. Our mission has always been to provide opportunities for the best quality of life for individuals and their families. Mind Forward believes in the power of technology to aid in the physical, cognitive, and emotional rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury; such technology will enable our team to improve upon our client centred care model. This partnership with Kayan Health provides clients and families the opportunity to have a greater sense of independence by empowering them to be an active participant in their health and rehabilitation with an element of safety and security, which is key to a living a life with quality,” said Keitha McNeil, CEO of Mind Forward Acquired Brain Injury Services.

About Kayan Health

Kayan Health’s proprietary AI-powered health communications platform helps doctors streamline communications with their patients and remotely monitor them. Additionally, Kayan Health’s proprietary platform allows patients to schedule virtual consultations with their physicians and communicate with them through chat, audio, and video calls. The platform also integrates with wearable devices and diagnostic tools that deliver both patients and doctors with greater visibility into the patient’s health and provides them with proactive automated alerts such as elevated blood pressure and heart rates. Storing all this data in a holistic patient profile that is integrated with the clinic’s electronic health systems – ensuring their patients’ health records are up to date, accessible by all, while adhering to the Personal Health Information Protection Act, helps deliver better care and enables clinics to generate more revenue.

Kayan Health’s platform has already been deployed in multiple clinics in the United States and is projected to reach $5M in revenue by 2022. Kayan Health’s proprietary platform was developed by the founders of HeyDoc!, a telehealth app launched in 2016 that had supported over 3,000 patients globally. Kayan Health is a privately held company based in Toronto, Ontario.

About Mind Forward Brain Injury Services Ontario

Mind Forward Brain Injury Services is a non-profit, charitable agency funded by the Mississauga Halton and Central West Local Health Integration Networks, and by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, providing community-based rehabilitation and life-long support for adults whose lives have been touched by Acquired Brain Injury.

These services exist so that there is the highest quality of life possible for people in the regions of Peel, Halton and Dufferin County.

All Mind Forward programming is clinically driven and based on a neurocognitive behavioral empirical model.

Mind Forward provides Assisted Living (Residential) Services (including treatment and rehabilitation), Clinical Services, Day Programs, Supported Independent Living Services, Community Services (outreach and community supports), Seniors Services, and Family and Caregiver Support.

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