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Empower Physician-Patient Relationships With a Concierge Medicine Approach

Connected, Comprehensive, Personalized Solution to Healthcare

Kayan Health's Platform for Concierge Medicine

A Modern Digital
Solution to Democratize Care

Concierge medicine care helps democratize healthcare through Kayan Health’s telehealth platform. In a world where doctors are overwhelmed, patients have busy lives, and a doctor appointment can feel like a fleeting moment, patient satisfaction decreases.

Through the Kayan Health platform be able to own and guide your patient’s healthcare journey while actively solving patient problems. Be able to provide calls, chat, diagnoses, referrals, follow-ups, and continuous care.

In concierge medicine, the patient values being able to speak to someone directly, take their time, and explain concerns. Within concierge care high quality service is only the starting point. With Kayan Health, concierge medical practice providers can spend more time seeing patients, rather than cataloging paperwork and implementing long patient wait times.

Concierge medicine practices support strong physician-patient collaboration, allowing both individuals to now have more time to focus on patient wellness and preventative care. 

It’s Time for Virtual Care That’s Built for the People Who Use It

Empowering Patients and Practitioners Better With Connected Care

Not your Typical Virtual Care Platform

We’re more than just video visits - we’ve integrated with powerful technology and clinical data to treat patients from primary care, to post-operative, behavioral health and more. We’re building a more democratize healthcare solution. Ready to join us?

Created Enterprise Virtual Care the Industry Needs

Telemedicine is not a new phenomenon, but when it’s done correctly it reaches goals that health systems have always strived for. Kayan is the cohesive path to expanding access and streamlining communication that also reduces costs and practitioner burnout.

Welcome to the Kayan Health Solution

From the moment a patient interacts with your practice, our Kayan Health platform is there to improve the experience. From ease of access, to patient intake, to streamlined communication, this is your guide to patient acquisition.

The Patient Experience Matters

Traditional care models are the foundation of the healthcare industry but new needs are changing the way patients interact with these models. Concierge medicine practitioners are beginning to embrace this change and allow their organizations to expand their care for patients.