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Medical Apps

Can Medical Apps Close the Gap in Healthcare?

Almost 3 million apps are available on the marketplace today, offering entertainment, insight, and…healthcare? Yes, there’s a medical app for that. These apps are competing for control over different aspects of our life: news, work, social media, and more. Healthcare is no exception.

In fact, 52% of smartphone users gather health-related information on their phones. That includes information about a specific medical problem or procedure, diet, nutrition, and fitness-related information (Referral Md). Having an app to manage your healthcare isn’t necessarily a new concept, but having an app to take the place of visiting a doctor’s office, is. These apps can provide real-time data about your health, which can be vital for your doctor to be aware of.

Today, consumers face many barriers when looking to access various healthcare resources, such as increased wait times, lack of access to information, and fragmented healthcare systems. Such barriers lead to many emergency departments facing enormous in-flows for non-emergent conditions.

What if there was a way to utilize medical apps for self-triaging symptoms and remote monitoring? Doing so would eliminate many of the frustrations with current healthcare and instead would open a door for streamlined communication between the patient and practitioner. More people would trust their physicians and form a more positive relationship with them. 

Besides, practitioners would have greater insight through artificial intelligence (AI), adding vital information into their patient databases. Practitioners could treat their patients with a much clearer picture of their patients. This knowledge allows physicians to help prevent diseases and keep their patients healthy.

Now, this is all possible with Kayan Health.

At Kayan Health, they tell a story. A story you have heard before and quite possibly experienced yourself. The same problem that 49% of Americans face…dissatisfaction with their healthcare (Texas Medical Association). Long lines, rushed appointments, and no results. Kayan Health understands this and has done something to change the narrative regarding quality health care.

The Kayan Health platform utilizes medical apps and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the patient-practitioner relationship. By offering this streamlined healthcare system, patients can triage their symptoms using the growing number of 49,890 health apps on the marketplace (Statista).

The variety of apps not only monitor diets and fitness, but now we have access to apps that track blood pressure, glucose levels, and more. This data syncs with Kayan Health’s remote monitoring options. The platform is powered by AI, allowing patients to self-triage their symptoms and provide a pre-diagnosis of their health issues before being guided to the appropriate health care provider.

Patients save time sitting in waiting rooms before being quickly triaged by a nurse through this system. Risk is also minimized through this platform because reliable AI technology works to self-triage the individual rather than patients researching their symptoms on Google.

To conclude, Kayan Health bridges the gap between healthcare and humanity. Patients now have a voice when it comes to their healthcare plan. They can use their medical apps to self-triage their symptoms. From there, Kayan Health’s platform shares this data using AI to accurately and conveniently treat patients. The best part? You can have all of this done without stepping foot into any clinic or office.