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Announcing Rayna Health, a platform that connects university students with therapists

Kayan Health announces the launch of Rayna Health, a HIPAA compliant, tele-health platform that connects university students across North America with mental health professionals through a private and secure communication platform.

University students struggle to access mental healthcare because of a range of challenges. This includes access to therapists on campus, appointment availability, and costs. With Rayna, university students have the ability to receive personalized treatment, continuous care, and on-demand support at any time. 

Using Rayna’s platform, students will be able to connect with a therapist by scheduling an affordable one-time session or subscribe for continuous care by signing up for a monthly-subscription. 

Furthermore, students will be able to integrate the platform with their wearable and smart-health devices to remotely monitor their own health. They can also share access to their vitals with their therapists for wellness and mental health monitoring. 

“We’re lucky to have a great group of students from McMaster University spearheading this program. They understand the struggles of mental health and are on a mission to democratize mental health,” said Ahmad Al-Hidiq, CEO of Kayan Health. “The end goal is to deliver a patient centered approach to therapy providing university students with access to the mental healthcare they need.” 

The platform was developed by Kayan Health on top of proprietary software and is HIPAA compliant.

About Kayan Health

Kayan Health works with clinics and hospitals, tele-health clinics, healthcare organizations and Governments & NGOs by providing them with a SaaS based custom solution that enables them to extend their healthcare monitoring and medical services to their patients and clients.

About Rayna Health

Rayna Health is a mental health communication platform that connects university students with mental health professionals helping them streamline communication and monitor remotely.