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Kayan Health Header

Announcing Kayan Health

Kayan Health announces the launch of kayan+, a unified and integrated healthcare SaaS platform that enables doctors to streamline patient monitoring and communications. In addition, Kayan+ enables patients to triage their own symptoms, stream live vital data from their wearable devices, monitor their health and access medical advice when necessary. 


To democratise healthcare even further, Kayan Health launched an initiative that aims to provide people in developing countries, rural areas and refugee camps with access to healthcare and healthcare advice through partnerships with NGOs and Government Entities powered by an open source version of our platform.


“The end goal is to deliver a patient centred approach to medicine providing patients with a voice in the management of their own healthcare.”


The platform was developed by Kayan Health and is HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant.


Kayan Health works with clinics and hospitals, tele-health clinics, healthcare organizations and Governments & NGOs by providing them with a SaaS based custom solution that enables them to extend their healthcare monitoring and medical services to their patients and clients.